What is WordPress and How to Use it?

What is WordPress and How to Use it?

It is a free and open-source content management system which is licensed under GPL2… Huh?

Yeah, we know. We all have been there. Trying to figure out what is WordPress, or using WordPress. If you have only recently heard about this software, or thinking about getting started with WordPress. Besides that, it is important to get familiar with at least a few major features this platform offers.

So, allow us to jump on the bandwagon of defining this software in a more creative way for you. In fact, It’s to give you a new perspective to explore possibilities in this platform from a different point of view.

A History Lesson

This platform started out back in 2003 as a fork of the b2/cafelog blogging platform. WordPress, as we know and use today has become a heavyweight contender on world wide web. Its dominance is everywhere, from powering millions of small-scale websites to websites handling hundreds of millions of visits per month.

A definition of WordPress for Beginners

This software is an online publishing tool which allows you to manage your content and makes your publishing experience more seamless.

What that means is, this platform provides an interface between the content and the consumer/user of that content. Since, it saves content in a MySQL database and upon user request, serves the content to the front-end using PHP programming language.

WordPress as free and open-source software

This software is free as in actual monetary value as well it also gives you the freedom to use, inspect, redistribute, modify and distribute your copy of this software. The free and open-source nature of this software provides these freedom, about which you can explore more here.

This software has a huge eco-system of services built around it, both free and premium. Additionally, One of such premium service is WordPress.com which offers services based on free WordPress.org platform. Also, for more information, you can read our comparison guide here.

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