Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting: Best Use Cases

Shared vs Managed WordPress Hosting: Best Use Cases

In our previous post, we explored different hosting options available for WordPress these days. Further, in this guide, we will discuss in a little more detail the difference between Shared vs Managed WordPress hosting.

In 8 years of our experience working in IT industry. We have come to realize that, apart from the popular believes, every tool or solution is beneficial and has importance at least in its niche. No tool or offered solution is perfect, everything has its pros and cons. Considering that, let’s go through a few of the benefits and deficiencies of the two hosting options in this guide.

Shared Hosting Explained

Now there is a negative connotation associated with shared hosting. In other words, shared hosting is an unreliable hosting solution with a lot hassle. Although, it is partially true, however, shared hosting does have its place in the web hosting world. Considering that, a vast number of websites today using shared hosting option.

The shared hosting is still a viable option if the website is running as a hobby only without any serious traffic. Likewise, in case the business just needs to have proof of its online presence without interacting with its customers then shared hosting is a good start.

In the hosting market, shared hosting is the most economical type of hosting offered by hosting providers. However, its lowest price tag brings many issues along with it, making it an unsuitable option for any serious business.

In shared hosting, websites are hosted on the same server with other websites. These hosted websites share server resources among each other like storage, bandwidth, memory, computational power and alike.

The resource sharing not only slows down other websites. Moreover, if any resource or website malfunctions it can severely affect even take down other websites on the server.

One another drawback is that as a website owner, especially in the context of WordPress website, you have to take care of all the housekeeping for your website.

Managed Hosting Explained

Enter the world of managed hosting. These days most of the hosting providers offer managed website hosting. Since this guide is more centric towards WordPress, so we will discuss the pros and cons of managed hosting regarding WordPress only.

Managed WordPress hosting is a popular choice for businesses. There are many managed hosting solutions specialized in WordPress like WPEngine, Kinsta and many more.

In addition, managed hosting providers like these take a lot of burden from the shoulders of website owners. Although managed hosting providers offer different features under different pricing models.

There are a few core features which are the same for every package. Common features include automatic backups, updates, security checks, tweaks, customer support and alike.

Other advanced features may offer the specialized dashboard for WordPress powered websites, migration features, code push tools and alike.

Managed Hosting on Shared Hosting… What?!

While managed hosting is high performing alternative for high traffic websites. Managed hosting blends well in other hosting options. Technically though, a managed WordPress website can still offer with the shared hosting plan. In some cases, it can get as cheap as shared hosting plan.

In fact, many hosting providers do offer managed WordPress hosting on shared servers. These hosting providers include SiteGround, BlueHost, Media Temple and many more.

These hosting providers offer all the basic features which dedicated WordPress hosting providers offer. All in all, when choosing the hosting provider, even as a beginner, decision to choose the managed WordPress hosting can never go wrong. So, feel free to choose with managed WordPress hosting plans from the beginner of your online journey.

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