How to Install a WordPress Plugin

How to Install a WordPress Plugin

We are back again with yet another simple guide for you. In this guide, you will learn how to easily install a WordPress plugin using three different approaches. WordPress plugins have a significant role in building powerful WordPress websites. WordPress as a content management system essentially makes the process of information storage and retrieval much easier and not only that but WordPress does it effectively.

However, to ensure building feature-rich websites on WordPress, plugins are what we need to add additional functionality. In our previous guide, we have shared how to choose the suitable plugin for your specific need from the swarm of plugins available to us today. Moreover, we have also shared 10+ Must have WordPress plugins for business websites in 2019 guide.

As it is discussed at the beginning of this guide. There are three ways, depending on the circumstances, you can install a WordPress plugin. Let’s get to those approaches without any further ado.

WordPress Plugin Directory from Admin Dashboard

One of the quickest and easiest ways is to install a plugin from the official WordPress Plugin Directory using the Admin dashboard within the website. There are few minor limitations with this approach though.

The first is that you will only receive the free version of the plugin. So for premium features, you will have to buy and then either activate the license on the same plugin or do a fresh install for the premium version as per the plugin requirements.

The second is that you will only have access to those plugins which are hosted on the official directory, but again the official directory with over 50 thousand plugins is so massive that official directory is all anyone really ever need. The following screenshot demonstrates the most widely used option to install a WordPress plugin.

Codexspot Install a WordPress Plugin via Plugin Directory
Install a WordPress Plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory using Admin Dashboard

Using the WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugin Menu

There will most certainly be many occasions when you will get plugins from sources other than the official WordPress Plugin Directory. In that case, WordPress provides the option to upload and install the plugin right from the Admin dashboard. The following screenshot demonstrates, how to upload and install the plugin using the Plugin menu in the Admin dashboard.

Codexspot Install a WordPress Plugin via Admin Dashboard
Install a WordPress Plugin using Plugin Menu in Admin Dashboard

Using the FileZilla FTP Client

In rare cases, when WordPress is acting weird, you might want to try this option. To clarify, you can install a plugin with FileZilla FTP Client or any other FTP client with your Web Hosting credentials. As much as this approach might sound scary to you. It really is not, in fact, it’s quite the opposite, all you need to know is the familiarity of WordPress directory structure and your way around Web hosting Control panels. Again, the following screenshot demonstrates, how to upload and install the plugin using the FileZilla FTP Client

Codexspot Install a WordPress Plugin via Ftp Client
Install a WordPress Plugin using FileZilla FTP Client

Once the plugin is uploaded, all there is left for you is to head to the admin dashboard and activate the plugin in the Plugin Menu. That’s all there is to it for now. We hope you will find this post a useful resource for yourself. If you like this guide, don’t forget to share your feedback, subscribe and spread the word. In fact, we will greatly appreciate it by saying… Thank you!

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