Getting Started with WordPress

Getting Started with WordPress

Since the turn of the new century, accessing even, setting up websites have become an incredibly simple job. Primarily, thanks to the number of software packages have become available over the years. Now, considering that, in this guide, you will learn how to get started with WordPress by building a stunning website as a Do-it-yourself project.

We have put together this guide as an index for important guides we have published previously to help you navigate through the steps it requires to build websites using WordPress.

Step 1: Choose a Good Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name is one of the most crucial tasks you will perform while building your website. Considering that, a domain name should be considered a part of your brand, that is to say, it should closely follow your brand and business objectives.

We have published the following guide where we have shared a few important tips to help you choose a good domain name for your website.

Step 2: Choose a Good Hosting Provider

We have also got you covered in this confusing world of website hosting. You can learn more about choosing a good host for your website by reading through the following guide.

Step 3: Choose and Install a WordPress Theme

Choosing and installing a website theme is something, that you don’t do very often. But, when setting up a new website and sometimes occasionally, you have to first decide to choose and then install a new WordPress theme. Considering that, we have published the following guide to help you easily go through this process.

Step 4: Choose and Install Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the backbone of modern robust websites powered by WordPress. We have listed 10+ most essential plugins for any website in the following guide.

In case, you want to read more about choosing suitable plugins for your website, you can follow our guide on the topic here.

Step 5: Customize WordPress Theme to Your Website Requirements

We have tried our best. But, we couldn’t find any better way to explain than Tylor Moore’s short WordPress theme customization tutorial. In his video tutorial, Tylor uses the popular Elementor page builder, in order to help you quickly make any WordPress theme truly your own. Take a look below!

How To Make a WordPress Website – 2019 – For Beginners by Tylor Moore

Also, we have taken our time and have listed a few guides below for further reading by you only if you feel geekier. No pressure : )

Well, folks, these are quite a few steps for you to follow, we have given our best to make this process as easy for you as it could get.

We hope you will find this post a useful resource for you. If you like this guide, don’t forget to share your feedback, subscribe and spread the word. In fact, we will greatly appreciate it by saying… Thank you! #Peace!

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